Online Semantic Advertising

Semantic advertising is defined as a way of advertising in which semantic technology is used.

The purpose of using online semantic advertising technology is to semantically scrutinize and evaluate every web page to thoroughly understand and relegate the meaning of a web page to make sure that the web page contains the most appropriate advertising content.

Semantic online advertising takes a close look at the content featured on a webpage, with the aim of accurately interpreting and classifies the meaning and or main theme of the web page under consideration. Ant not only this, the next step is to get the web page populated with keywords generated through targeted advertising spots.

Benefit of applying semantic online ads approach is that there are greater chances that the viewer would click-through because only those online semantic ads which contain relevant information would be shown and they get information which is of their interest.

The semantic analysis of the webpage, which is also the basis of the semantic advertising offers an overview and detailed meaning in the semantic approach. Actually, the online semantic advertising technology bases web page advertising on a keyword scan of the content of a website or the search on the internet. Through some automated algorithm, semantic online ads are loaded onto the web page based on the type of content it contains. However, it is important to note that the keywords contained in the content can have several meanings. Here is an example- Suppose that there is a web page and is having the word jaguar featured on it and might generate ads about zoos and cars. Thus we see that the very different nature of these contextual results represents that means that someone’s advertising budget has not been used wisely to design an effective online semantic advertising.