Online Affiliate Advertising

Affiliate advertising is actually a form of online marketing in which advertisers run promotional campaigns with a large number of small as well as large publishers, who get the media fees only when they have been able to push traffic to the advertiser site. The advantage of online affiliate advertising for advertisers is that they have to pay media fees only when specific measurable results such as form filling on the site, a sale or sign–up etc. Nowadays, affiliate online adverting is generally carried out through contracting with an affiliate network on the internet.

Affiliate marketing is a marketing exercise in which a business payoff his affiliate or affiliates for each visitor or the customer brought about to the site as a result of marketing efforts put together by the affiliate. The examples of online affiliate advertising are reward sites which give away rewards the users with cash or other gift items for the completion of an offer, and the referral of others to the site.

Mainly, there are four basic players of online affiliate ads industry which are known as:

The merchant, who is also called by the name of retailer or a brand,
The network,
The publisher who is also called as affiliate, and The customer or the end user.

Although, today’s affiliate online advertising market has grown in complexity to for providing ground for secondary tier of players to get their specialized services to get more focused results. The secondary tier players comprise of various affiliate management agencies, the super-affiliates and some expert third parties vendors.

The form of affiliate marketing in which one website is used to impel traffic to another site generally gets unnoticed by most of the advertisers. While search engines, e-mail, and website syndication is getting much noticed by online retailers, the affiliate marketing carries a much lower profile. However, despite this fact, the online affiliate ads are playing a noteworthy role in designing e-retailers marketing strategies for running online marketing campaigns.