Online Contextual Advertising

Contextual advertising can be defined as form of targeted online advertising getting published on websites or any other medium like the content displayed on mobile browsers. The online contextual ads are chosen and get displayed on the web pages through such automated mechanism which takes in to account the content being shown to the user on the webpage. Thus, online contextual ads are also defined as advertising which appears on a web page dynamically.

Online contextual advertising is basically a mode of online advertising which is targeted to cater particular user viewing the online resource. The contextual online advertising mechanisms works in such a manner that it scans the content present on the web site or in particular web page for keywords and sends ads to appear on the web page based on the content which is being currently viewed by the user, either through ads placed on the page or pop-up ads. Here are examples which would provide a clear picture of how does contextual advertising work. Suppose that you are viewing a website which is about flowers and site is making use of online contextual ads, then you might get to see ads related to florists and other resources from where you can buy flowers. Contextual online advertising is also used by search engines to show ads on their search results pages based on what words the users have been using as search term.

There are so many new mechanisms being used for online contextual advertising. One such latest technique is of making use of embedded keyword in hyperlinks in content rich article which are sponsored by an advertiser. When a user follows the link, they are directed towards the sponsor's website.

One of the major networks for contextual advertising is known as Google AdSense. It was also the first main networks used for the purpose of online contextual advertising. However, with the ongoing technological developments, there have emerged more advanced mechanisms which make use of language-independent proximity pattern matching techniques for achieving better matching accuracy.

After seeing the success of AdSense, the leading network for Contextual online advertising, other service providers such as Yahoo! Publisher Network, Microsoft adCenter, AOL Sponsored Listings and many others have been pitching hard to provide similar offerings to its users.