Types Of Online Ads

This article talks about different types of online ads, which are used to run advertising campaign over the internet. Read on the detailed information presented here describing in detail various types of online ads to help you know the complete structure of online ads comprising of various kinds of online ads.

Let us take a look:

Floating Ads: These types of online ads are those which keep on moving across the user's screen or they usually float above the content.

Expanding Ads: The expanding online ads types are those ads which whose size changes and they might also get the content on the page altered.

Polite Ads: It is a method in which a bigger sized online ad gets downloaded in smaller sized chunks so that user experience minimum disruption while viewing the content on the web page.

Wallpaper Ads: These online ads types are those ion which the advertisement changes the background of the web page being currently viewed by the user. Pop-up: These online ads types open up a new window on the webpage which is being viewed displaying an advertisement.

Video ad: These are same as banner ads, however there is a difference between the two which is that that video ads are actually moving clips instead of a static or animated images. These days, many advertisers are making use of video ads in online advertising which otherwise earlier used to be on televisions earlier.

Map Ads: These types of online ads are in form of text or graphics which has been linked from a location on an electronic map like Google Maps and appears on the webpage.

Mobile Ads: Among various types of online ads which are comparatively newer are mobile ads which come in form of SMS or multi-media message sent to a cell phone.

Interstitial Ads: a full-page ad that appears before a user reaches their original destination. Additionally, there are certain types of online ads which contain streaming video or streaming audio and they are fast becoming quite popular with the advertisers over the internet.