Ad Server Market Structure

This article presents an overview about the ad server market structure and lists the names of the major players which form the structure of online ad server market.

Presented below is the list consisting of names of the top ad server vendors as per data collected in 2008. It also presents details such as the number of viewers on each of the online ad server. There is o doubt that Google is the undisputed king of the online ad server market and since 2008 it have a control of over 69% of the online advertising market.

Google- 1118 million ad viewers
Double Click- 1079 million ad viewers
Yahoo- 362 million ad viewers
MSN- 309 million ad viewers
AOL- 156 million ad viewers
Adbrite- 73 million ad viewers

The above presented representing the major players of the ad server market structure is based on the sample collected from sixty-eight million domains over the internet. Another important point to mention here is that one of the major ad servers featured in the above structure of online ad server market, the DoubleClick has been acquired by Goggle since 2007.

Taking in account the figures of the online ad server market structure, time and again, Google has proved its supremacy other players who have got a place in the ad server market structure. There is no doubt in this that Google accounts for a lion's share of the entire online ad server market. However, at the same time, it comes as a surprise that its main rival the Microsoft controlled online ad servers holds only the equivalent of a lion's paw.

Taking in to account some recent surveys and data collected from these surveys, it has been found that the giant ad server Google through its two programs the DoubleClick and AdSense make up 56.5 percent market share. And in the meantime, Microsoft's equivalent figure oscillates around3.8 percent. Another major player of the online ad server market structure, yahoo holds 9.7 percent share.