Principles Of Online Ads

It is very important to follow the principles of online ads so that it remains an ethical way of advertising. Since, online advertising is quite huge and it embraces a wider range of advertising types, out of which some are implemented ethically and others are not. Principles of online advertisement can play an important role in differentiating the ethical and unethical modes of online advertisement campaigns running on the internet.

It is a very common practice among many websites to make use of multiple forms of online ads such as banners ads which keep on flashing and can be seen as a distraction for the end user and some sites design ads with misleading images which pop out proving impression of an error messages from the operating system, rather than advertisements. These types of websites don’t follow internet advertising principles and thus it is termed as unethical practice.

Online resources or websites which believe in unethically practices and make use of internet ads for generating revenue generally do not monitor what advertisements on their website link to, thus permitting advertisements to lead to sites which ca have malicious software or adult material. However, on the other hand, the websites that follow principles of online ads typically use a small number of advertisements that are not distracting the end user, and do not detract from the design and layout of their websites.

The overuse of technologies such as Flash in online can also be termed as the violation of some of the internet advertising principles.

Malware: It is also against the principles of online advertisement and are termed as unethical and might be illegal at times.

Privacy: The use of online advertising has inferences on the privacy and anonymity of end users. The third-party cookies can be blocked by most browsers to increase privacy and reduce tracking by advertising and tracking companies without negatively affecting the user’s stay on the site.